Tax money

If your publication ends up in its database, you're officially labeled by the EU as a publisher of disinformation and fake news.

the principle of freedom of speech, meaning the natural right of free individuals to freely spread information and absorb information by others without interference by the state.

EUvsDisinfo claims that it is informed by a volunteer network of more than 400 experts, journalists, government officials, NGOs and think tanks.

In reality, Dutch public broadcaster NOS discovered that of the claimed 400 volunteers, only 10 are really active.


One million Euro € 1.000.000,- a year is stated on the website. The dutch media like "" speak of a summ of up to € 5.000.000,- a year. 

So obviously loads of money is leaking to the "friends" of some politicians, something we used to call corruption when I was younger.


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