EU anti-propaganda unit gets €1.100.000,- a year to counter "Russian fake news".
East Stratcom taskforce has been funded from EU budget for first time after summit highlights threat from ‘cyber-attacks and fake news’.

Talking about propaganda:
"Radio Free Europe was created and grew in its early years through the efforts of the National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE), an anti-communist CIA front organization that was formed by Allen Dulles in New York City in 1949. The committee was composed of an "A list" of powerful U.S. citizens including former ambassador and first NCFE chairman Joseph Grew; Reader's Digest owner DeWitt Wallace; former diplomat and the co-founder of Public Opinion Quarterly Dewitt Clinton Poole; and prominent New York investment banker Frank Altschul." as written in Wikipedia.

USA/EU have been using this for decades, now that other countries like maybe Russia is using the same tactics, the EU-politicians start whining about these evil russians.
As Scotty said to Captain Kirk, "please beam me up, there is no intelligent life on this (EU) planet".

Just for the record.
Napoleon and Hitler marched into Russia and lots of russians died by the hands of western europeans in the last 2 centuries.

As I consider the cognitive capabilities of european politicians not exactly of a high level, actions like "euvsdisinfo.eu" prove my point.
What makes me plain angry is that the EU is financing this with taxpayers money. Yours and mine.

To Quote the Commision "Of course, we know from recent elections and referendums that simple memorable slogans — however untrue or unobtainable — can go a long way to winning over hearts, minds and voters." My question, why does the commission finance "euvsdisinfo.eu"?
This a double moral!


The dutch governement has already stated that they want this "East Stratcom taskforce" and their website "euvsdisinfo.eu" dismantled, because dutch media have been falsely acused of spreading "fakenews" because they were not negative about Russia. https://nos.nl/artikel/2261431-geen-nederlandse-media-meer-op-europese-nepnieuwslijst.html

On the website the question is raised: "How do we defend ourselves against the disinformation virus?"
First of all ignore the website "euvsdisinfo.eu" because something like "anti-propaganda" does not exist, only propaganda from "the other side".

At this moment in history USA/EU/Nato run a heavy propaganda-war against Russia, probably initiated by the struggle for natural resources from the Ukraine, that is what EU-Contries want to get their hands on.
All and every means is right to get those resources, even supporting a regime that is thoughroughly corrupted and openly tolerating fascist groups terrorising normal people of which a lot already fled to the slowak republic.

Never build your opinion based on just one side, also read media like "russia today" or "sputnik", and be critical towards ALL media.
Never trust what politicians tell you, because a political career means making a living out of lying.

Since most media like newspapers, televisionchannels etc. are owned by a few large companies, do not expect any independent news from these sources. You will have to dig in the internet to find opposing opinions, in order to build your own. That has become very difficult nowadays, because opposing opinions are under heavy attack by mainstream media, accused of "fakenews" by journalists that were bought by politicians or their friends from the aforementioned large companies.


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