Again and again and again

German site cites

"in der vergangenen Woche seien 45 Fälle Kreml-freundlicher Falschnachrichten hinzugekommen, 30 von ihnen in Verbindung mit dem Coronavirus, teilte die EU-Kampagne 'EU vs. Disinfo' mit"

In english "last week there were 45 cases of Kremlin-friendly misinformation, 30 of them related to the coronavirus, the EU campaign 'EU vs Disinfo' announced".

Again the EU-Propaganda-machinery is running.

The site "EU vs Disinfo" is run by people mostly from the baltic states, where between 1940 and 1945 there was a great friendship with the germans.

No One should take these kind of humbug as truth, it is a bloody scandal that millions of euro's vaporise on this propaganda-site, the EU has failed on every thinkable aspect considering the "corona-crisis", the support for Italy was not there and is still not there.
The old military doctrine of the EU/NATO is repeated, the "russians are bad", and now extended to "the chinese are bad", there is not a sparc of developement in the old calcified brains of Stoltenberg and von der Leyen. The ancient neoliberal building is still standing but near to collapse, you cannot fool people over so many years like the forementioned do.

The corona-crisis pushed some initiatives and although states try to get more control with a corona-app that is nothing less then a spy-tool it will not succeed.
Once woken up, a movement cannot be put back, that is my hope for the future.

In the meantime please ignore 'EU vs Disinfo' they lie.

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Apr 24, 2020 Category: General Posted by: noninfobhr
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